(E) Aeration Tank Technical Details

 Design flow                                                               
3300 M3 per day
 Influent BOD
153 mG/l
 Expected Effluent BOD
20 mG/l 
 BOD load, kg/day
 Organic loading rate
0.05 kg BOD/kg MLSS/day 
 Volumetric loading rate
0.2 kg BOD5/M3 of the tank volume 
 Hydraulic retention time 18 hours 
 Volume of the tank 2475 M3 
 Shape Rectangular in cross section with sloping sides. 
 Size of the Aeration tank  
   - at liquid top 46.3 M X 23.3 M 
   - at bund top 44.6 M X 24.3 M 
   - at the bottom 37.6 M X 17.3 M 
 Liquid depth 3 M 
 Desirable MLSS concentration 4000 mG/l 
 Freeboard 0.5 M 
 Bund slop 1V:1H 
 Oxygen required per kg of BOD removal 1.75 kg 
 Oxygen required per day 795.37 kg 
 Oxygenation capacity of surface aerators 1.8 - 2.2 kg O2/HP in clean water at 20o
 Minimum DO to be maintained 2 mG/l 
 HP required 37.30 HP 
 Number of surface aerators 2 (20 HP each) 
 Type of aerators Fixed