Environment Management
The environment is changing continuously and his affects life on earth. Some of these effects can be lasting and irreversible. So we should all be concerned about managing our environment in a manner that minimizes the risk and damages associated with such changes as well as protects it for future generations. We need to redesign and refashion our major industrial, agriculture and social subsystems so as to ensure a livable environment in the years to come.

About this site

All  living  beings  interact very closely with  environment. However,  only human beings  have the  capacity  to change the environment, often with deleterious effects to themselves and other living beings. Hence, there is a need for environmental awareness and a concern to protect it. 

Developing this site is an attempt to support endeavors for conserving and protecting our environment.

Special Mention


Wastewater Treatment Plant Designing Redefined

Treatment-plant design is one of the most challenging aspects of environmental engineering. Both theoretical knowledge and practical experience are necessary to design an efficient and cost effective Wastewater Treatment Plant. Considering the complexity involved in designing a treatment plant, the need has always been felt to have an application which helps working out all complicated calculations and dissecting the design to achieve optimum results. Environment Management Site offers one such highly innovative application.

The application helps to  work out the volume of  Aeration Tank, Capacity of Aerators, retention time, volume of Secondary Clarifier, percentage sludge volume,  Return-Sludge Rate, quantity of sludge that can be wasted and number of days the system would need to get stabilized.


Essentials of setting up an Environment Monitoring Laboratory

It had been a struggling experience to find across the net information about establishing an Environment     
     Monitoring Laboratory. It wont be a bad idea to detail out preliminary requirements pertaining to setting up an Environment Monitoring Laboratory:

(compilation based on  APHA, AWWA and WPCF approved Standard Methods)

The Viewpoint

The sector, that indirectly contributes to impact our environment adversely.


India has emerged as one of the fastest growing economies of the world. The liberalization policy adopted by the Indian Government in the year 1991 coupled with the demographics, has led India to achieve robust growth in manufacturing and service sectors. There were times when India’s growing population was a cause of concern. No one had ever imagined that rising Indian population would, one day, turn out to be a blessing in disguise.


Although, due care has been taken while formulating treatment plant designing tool or uploading the content, so that, visitors to this site get the most out of it, this site does not claim its application/s or the content to be accurate. The application/s designed or the available content  is for the purpose of reference only.
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